Thursday, April 18, 2019

What is a Sci Fi Thriller, Anyway?

Mystery, action, and adventure transcend time.
When they're set in exotic locales, that only adds to their allure.

What's more exotic than a setting literally out of this world?

We live in a time where a mannequin in a spacesuit sails through Sol's system in a Tesla Roadster.
On the dashboard is the admonition straight from the Hitchhiker:  Don't Panic!

For me, this is magic. I have a lifelong love for the things beyond this planet, and as I also believe there's nothing more gripping than an edge-of-the-seat thriller, combining the two in my own tales seems inevitable.

Both my work in radiation physics and my experiences as a private pilot inform my stories, bringing a credibility and authenticity to the tales that I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Fair skies and tailwinds!

LL Richman